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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Since I haven't gotten around to the about me page, I thought I would just make a list to share.

  • I was born in Las Vegas, NV--moved to Central Louisiana during my teen years

  • I have 2 older brothers

  • My Dad lives in Central Louisiana. My mom died about 17 years ago at the young of 52 from breast cancer

  • I went to school at Southwestern Adventist University--Nursing degree

  • My specialty is Critical Care/Open Heart Recovery

  • I worked at one of the best Open Heart Recovery Units in the country

  • I have a wonderful husband who is so persevering and such a visionary that it is sometimes scary

  • I told my husband before we got married that "I am not domesticated." Boy, how the Lord changed my mind

  • I enjoy paper things such as fancy pens, pencils, crazy paperclips, different kinds of sticky pads, etc

  • I have two wonderful daughters (Meg, 19 and Ari, 14)

  • Anything that is pink peaks my interest. Pens, water bottles, flashlights, office supplies

  • My daughters think I am eccentric(maybe they don't know the definition)

  • Quilting fabric is on. I like to touch and take in the colors. I can spend hours in a quilt shop. What am I talking about, I have

  • I live an hour from any worthwhile grocery store. The nearest gas station is 18 miles away

  • My youngest daughter is a duplicate of me. Sometimes I just laugh at her

  • My oldest daughter says that I am soulful. I think it is just my southern roots

  • I love linen material. Not bad for a woman that hates to iron

  • I am totally into heirloom tomatoes. Buying heirloom seeds is like picking fabric for a sewing project

  • I like making bags

  • My family says that I am dainty because I don't like to get my feet dirty. Whatever

  • I love books, books and more book. I love buying my children books

  • I love fluffy towel and they have to be folded a certain way

  • I like 600(+) thread count sheets and flannel sheets in the winter.

  • I love gardening but I am just not allowed to touch the houseplants, I kill them

  • My house is not totally finished and sometimes it drives my crazy. Very cozy though

  • I am passionate about "True Education"

  • I enjoy homeschooling even though about 3/4 of the way through the year, I am dragging my feet

  • I thoroughly enjoy buying school supplies

  • Some people say I am very organized. That is from many years of nursing

  • Rubbermaid storage bins are on the top of my list. It is difficult to do without them

  • I hate talking on the phone. I don't even answer my own phone. I'd rather visit

  • I love my church and the message

  • I enjoy kitchen appliances and gadget. I think I use to be just on the verge of obsessed until I learned about simplifying

  • My favorite comfort foods are homemade biscuits (which my grandmother taught me how to cook--I had to modify to a healthier version) and butter beans

  • I don't exactly like cooking (especially since the girls do such a wonderful job) but I like to cook vegan food with a southern flair

  • A little over 90% of the food we eat is made from scratch and home grown

  • I like the concept of food storage. My food pantry puts a smile on my face

  • I enjoy the history of the deep south

  • I love quilting

  • I live on twenty acres. I have two other neighbors--the closest a 10 minute walk. It is a mile down my driveway to the country asphalt road.

  • Well, there you go!!!


    Jacquelin said...

    Nice to meet you Marilyn! I would love to see a picture of your food pantry, have you done a post about it? 20 acres, wowzers, can't wait to read more!

    Ann@His Grace To Me said...

    Butter beans, mmmmmm.... now we're talking my language!

    Marilyn@Inspired Moments said...

    @ Jacquelin--Nice to meet you as well. I have been able to go to your blog. You have a beautiful family. I will be keeping up with you. Our food storage is a work in progress. We will keep you posted.

    Marilyn@Inspired Moments said...

    @ Ann--You know they are good. When I was small and would visit my grandparents, she would always have a pot of butter beans waiting just for me with stripples in it. That was good eating. Good memories. LOL.

    Love Abounds At Home said...

    Marilyn!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I think that maybe we were destined to be friends. I was born in Las Vegas too and now I live in the state of Washington! Lol!
    I love this post. I'm thinking about doing a post like this myself :)

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