12 New Things

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hey my friends, I am joining Sarah Mae over at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee to enrich my skills.  

August:  Learn how to use chain saw.  (My husband informed me that it doesn't come in pink.  What is this world coming to?)

September:  Learn Wordpress well

October:  Learn basic Photoshop

November: Make some serious aprons

December:  Learn to make a jean quilt

January:  Work on Machine quilting skills

February: Learn some basic embroidery stitches

March:  Learn to make laundry soap, bar soap, natural deodorant and toothpaste

April:   Learn something new about gardening

May:  Learn to efficiently use Canon 10-D



Ongoing Spanish and piano

Join in and be inspired by what others are doing.  Like A Warm Cup of Coffee.


Sarah Mae said...

I love that you are learning to use chain saw - massively awesome! Thanks for joining in! :)

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

I'd love to learn soap making as well!

(I tried to comment a few days ago with no success. I can comment now- Yeah!!)

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