Where Have I Been???

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The blogging world!!!  I have spent hours searching and reading.  There is a blog for everything you could possible think of.  When I decided to enter the world of blogging, I was drawn in.  What is that thing that captivates?  That wants to keep you going to a blogroll and clicking onto any link that interests you?  The funny thing about it is, that I am not a computer guru even though I am surrounded by talented and competent computer users.  I can barely turn the thing on.  It has always been my philosophy "to get a piece of paper."  How impractical.  My family has been patient in answering my question and explaining the ins and outs of computer jargon.  I think I am now sold.  My husband just laughs and looks at me with a look of "I told you so."  His line of work is marketing and he spends countless hours in front of the computer screen and on the phone.  And trust me, I have spent just as much time preaching on the "evil" of spending so much time on the computer.  I won't tell you how many hours I have spent setting up, learning and searching information.  I wonder if my fmaily is wondering "where is my mother?"  This is a serious learning curve for someone who thought "a piece of paper" would do the job.  How archaic.  Where have I been?

Now, I have to write.  Hmm.  I am just now discovering that I have writer's block.  For the past 20 years, I have been writing nurses notes.  Critical writing.  Short, factual and concise.  Where was the creativity?  Can you imagine me creatively writing about a code blue event or creatively describing the eight different intravenous drips that a person has infusing.  How boring.  I now have to go pre-college days and dig out some creative writing skills.  There's a task for you!

As we were sitting around before family worship, I was expressing my new found experience in the computer world and how I was so gracious for learning something new and totally out of my realm.  My family laughed and began to express the virtues of computer knowledge and how it is used.  I finally got it.!!!

By the way, thanks to all you God-fearing, stay-at-home moms and wives, homeschool teachers, homemakers, women of wisdom (and the list goes on) that have inspired and paved the way.

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