Lessons from a Mamma Moose

Monday, August 23, 2010

What a site to see a mamma moose and her twin calves meandering up our drive-way. It was early one Monday morning and I had just made my way down the stairs and was listening to my family laughing and joking around after their early morning Bible class. I spent a little bit of time talking as is our usual routine before having worship. My husband had stepped out onto the porch to feed our dog and there they were. A cow moose and her twin calves.

During worship, we watched them wander about. At times we could only see the mother as she foraged for food and then she would disappear and either one or both of the calves would appear. They seemed to be about their business but each in its own world. We watched as they very slowly made their way up our drive. They were getting closer and closer and I was excited at the prospect of a closer view of these enormous and spectacular creatures from my huge living room window.

After we finished worship, my husband went out to feed the horses and to see if he could get some good pictures of our moose friends. I sat there for about a minute and I couldn’t resist the urge to go out and get a better view of our morning visitors. I quickly got dressed and headed out. The moose had started their way up the mountainside and my husband had found a place in the road where he could watch them. He signaled for me to come quickly but quietly. When I got to where he was crouched down, there was momma moose and her babies very close on the hind legs of their mother. When she took a step, they took a step. When she turned, they turned. What a beautiful sight.

My husband let me know that when the cow moose realized his presence, she called for her young. When the call of danger went out, they moved with dispatch to her side and remained there.

This early morning encounter bought a somber thought to my mind. Where are our young ones? Are they responding to our call as those twin calves? When there is danger lurking about, and we send out a call, do they stop and ask us why or do they move with quickness of mind and obedience? Are we teaching them to move quickly when we call?

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