Some Things We Need

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

 The courage born of God, not man,
The truth to speak, cost what it may
The patience to endure the trials
That form a part of every day;
The purpose firm, the will to do
The right, wherever we may be;
The wisdom to reprove the faults
That in our loved ones we may see,--
Reprove in tone and spirit sweet,
And ne'er in temper's eloquence;
The heart to love the ones in wrong,
While wrong we hate in every sense;
The strength to do our daily task
As unto God,--for we're His own,--
To seek His approbation sweet,
And not men's praise, fame, or renown,--
These, these, and more, are things we need
If Christ we'd represent indeed.

C. C. Roberts

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